Travel Tips

Take a look at the tips and tricks learned over years of traveling. There are many things you can do to make your trip go smoothly – no matter if you are traveling locally or to a far away place.

Tips on Packing

  • Know what you need to bring – make a list and check off the items as you pack them. The last thing you need is to have to purchase essential items on the road just because you forgot to pack them.
  • Roll your clothes rather than fold them – they take up less space, make for a more flexible packing arrangement and are actually less likely to come out with deep wrinkles.
  • Plan on doing laundry at least once during your trip – this will allow you to bring fewer items and you will appreciate having fewer bags to lug around with you. Don’t forget to pack a tiny bottle of laundry soap.
  • Pack clothes that you can get several wears out of – bring clothes you can mix up for different looks on different days without having to bring completely separate outfits.
  • Layer up rather than bringing bulky coats – if you can do it, leave the coat at home and just layer up as the temperature falls using the clothes you have already decided to pack.
  • Research your carrier’s policies – you want to make sure have all your check-in and carryon bags meet with their guidelines on weight, size, gels and liquids, etc.. Airlines will not tolerate deviations and you may just find yourself paying oversize/overweight charges on your luggage or having your shampoo and shaving cream confiscated.
  • Pack light – try to take only what you really need knowing you can always buy extras on the road should the need arise.

The Rewards of Reward Programs

Joining some of the many different rewards programs out there is a great way to help you save on your travels. Companies are eager for your loyalty and are willing to pay for it. Not all rewards programs are free, so be sure to do your research and pick the ones that work best for you.

  • Credit card rewards – Many credit cards offer great rewards programs now, and if you’re good at always paying off your balances each month, are a great way to travel for free. Many programs now are not just limited to flights but allow you to use the points for many different vacation expenses (rental cars, hotels, tours, etc.)
  • Airline rewards – Almost every airline offers travel rewards of some kind, so if you’re flying, sign up and start accumulating. Buy your airline ticket with a points card to earn twice on the same purchase!
  • Hotel loyalty programs – here you not only can build toward free stays, but often get other perks like free breakfasts and lounge access, parking advantages and free room upgrades
  • Rental car programs – most of the larger chains have loyalty programs you can join so if you’re renting cars several times a year, this is a great opportunity to save.